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Viral Patel, the original founder, opened first Bombay Pizza Company location in December of 2009 as an Indian-Italian Pizzeria in the heart of Downtown Houston Texas. This pizzeria served Italian cuisone grcaced with Indian spices & herbs.

With time the menu kept expanding and as of now it serves a combination of Italian, Indian and American cuisines. Later on Sanjiv Khanna became an investor into this concept and as a result Bomby Pizza Express was launched. The goal of Bombay Pizza Express is to provide food items (with flavors that you cannot find elsewhere) and service in a very quick and efficient manner.

Keeping the fusion of cooking styles in mind, we have created pizzas that you cannot find anywhere else. A lot of things are unique about our pizza. Our crust is the thinnest crust in the industry and it uses sesame seeds to add nutty flavor to it. We have sevaral unique suaces like Chili-Garlic Sauce and Cilantro-Mint Chutney that you will not find in other places. Besides this we use fresh ingredients for our toppings. For example, marinade and cook chicken in 3 different styles, we cut fresh pineapple, etc. Besides this we have the largest selection of vegeterian gourmet pizzas in US. We have several cooked vegetable topping that most of our competitors do not have.

Bombay Pizza has lot more to offer in its menu besides pizza. It offers Kati Rolls (Indian styles wraps), Mini-Burgers, Pastas, curries, Kebabs and more. Bombay pizza keeps inventing new recipes that provide unique experience to its customers.

Unlike other pizzerias, Bombay Pizza sells mostly its signature pizzas. The most selling pizzas include Bombay Ranch, Gateway of India, The Slumdog and The Huy Pham. Besides Pizzas, the most selling items include Sammy's Kati Rolls, Yogi's Burger and Kebabs.


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